Machinery Diagnostics

When troubleshooting machinery problems CPM technicians may use a variety of technologies to pin down the source. Definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach.

One, two, three or possibly all of the following options are available to you, through CPM, when troubleshooting unusual machinery faults:

• Vibration analysis
• Infrared thermography
• Alignment checks
• Stroboscopic inspection
• Motor current analysis
• Used lubricant analysis
• Shaft runout/lift checks (shutdown)
• Machinery tear-down/inspection (shutdown)

Laser Alignment

Horizontal or vertical machinery
Machine trains
0.0005” accuracy (1/2 mil)
Sheave alignment
Soft foot correction
Thermal growth correction
Shaft and coupling run-outs checked
Geometric measurement of machinery bases and soleplates

Documentation provided:
• Before and after machinery position
• Before and after vibration levels
• Final position vs. speed based tolerance
• Amount and location of any required soft foot correction
• Runout values

Motor/Circuit Predictive Maintenance (PdMA)

• AC and DC motors, on-line or off-line
• On-line testing to find faults in: Rotor, stator, power circuit and power quality
• Off-line testing to find faults in: Rotor, insulation and air gap

Ultrasonic Analysis

• Air leak surveys.
• Steam traps checked.
• All problems tagged and photographed.