About Cumberland Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturing and service industry leaders know equipment downtime is not only costly but deadly. Since 1997, Cumberland Predictive Maintenance (CPM) has helped keep mid-south industries running and profitable by offering:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Vibration analysis
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Infrared thermography
  • Machinery diagnostics
  • Laser alignment
  • Motor/circuit predictive maintenance
  • Ultrasonic Analysis

CPM’s experienced team identifies maintenance issues before machinery breaks down, thus saving clients time, energy, and human resource costs. Predictive maintenance benefits include:

  • Identifying impending failure on rotating equipment—lead times range from one to three months
  • Reducing or eliminating catastrophic failures
  • Reducing equipment out-of-service time—repairs are scheduled around production
  • Reducing overtime rates and maintenance cost
  • Improving equipment reliability and availability

CPM’s Founder

Keith Kasinger got his feet wet as a Ship Noise and Vibration Monitoring Petty Officer on a nuclear submarine in the early 90s. Back on land, he went to work for several electric motor repair shops—honing his skills until he branched out and started CPM in 1997. Since then, Keith has earned certifications in vibration analysis (level 4), infrared thermography (level 2), and airborne ultra-sonics (level 1). Contact Keith at keith@cumberlandpdm.com or 615-838-3971.