Cumberland Predictive Maintenance is the premier Predictive Maintenance provider in the mid-south. Our certified technicians service a variety of industries from hospitals to mining equipment.

CPM provides you with the tools necessary to make the decisions you must. Our experience in Predictive Maintenance is invaluable to your success.

We know, as well as you do, that good maintenance does not cost, it PAYS, and that adds to profit. Time, energy and human resources are no longer inexhaustible or cheap.

We want to help you direct a lean, tough organization with time proven, dollar saving predictive maintenance techniques.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

  • Identify impending failures on all rotating equipment with lead times ranging from one to three months.
  • Reduce or eliminate catastrophic failures – damage from catastrophic failures is usually much more extensive.
  • Reduce equipment out of service time by allowing repairs to be scheduled around production.
  • Reduce overtime rates and maintenance cost per unit of production.
  • Significantly improve equipment reliability and availability.